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Benefits of Wearing Clip Shoes in Spinning

The right cycling shoe (or clip shoe) can make all the difference between a good spinning class and a great one. When you wear cycling shoes instead of regular sneakers, you create a more efficient, more comfortable, and safer ride. Increased safety and power are just two of the biggest advantages of choosing cycling shoes for your spinning class. These shoes are also made of light, breathable material for enhanced comfort as they conform to the shape of your foot. The stiff soles feel different than other shoes you’re probably used to, but they can transfer even more power to the pedal and offer riders an improved connection to the bike.

If you’re new to spinning, some basic information will probably help. The bikes used in class come with adjustable toe cages and straps that allow riders to spin while wearing any sneakers or athletic shoes. But if you look on the other side of the pedal, you'll find a clip that allows you to attach your shoe directly to the pedal with the right cleat attachment. This is the best option for a safe, efficient, and powerful ride.

Wearing clip shoes involves three components: the shoes, the cleats, and the pedals. When you combine these three parts properly, you'll be getting the best spinning experience possible. Shoes and cleats may be sold together or separately; also, be sure that you're buying the right kind for the bikes in your class (ask your instructor for recommendations if you aren't sure). Also, buy shoes that fit properly. Your clip shoes should be comfortable to walk in and fit snugly and securely (but not tightly).

Cycling shoes improve your ride in several ways:

  • They fit better. The first time you try on a pair of these shoes, you'll notice that you may need some adjustment to them. The soles are quite stiff, as is the toe of the shoe. However, this design helps you put more efficient energy into your pedaling, provides added stability, and aligns you better with your bike. The snugger fit keeps your feet from moving around inside the shoes, and this helps prevent foot pain during and after your workout. They are also lightweight and breathable, so tend to be more comfortable for exercise than other types of shoes.
  • They allow you to ride faster. It’s not unheard of for people to become injured when regular shoes slip out of the cages during fast pedaling. And some people don’t pedal as fast as they truly can because of the fear of their shoes coming out of the pedals. Clip shoes stay safely and securely in place, so you’re free to push yourself to the limit. Furthermore, they don’t have laces that could potentially become tangled in the pedals – a safety bonus.
  • They let you maximize your pedal stroke. As you pedal, your foot and leg go through two different motions: pushing and pulling. Pushing is pretty easy with regular tennis shoes on, but pulling is much harder if your shoes aren't clipped into the bike. In that situation, you can't work all of your leg muscles, so you're not making the most of your workout. Clip shoes allow you to generate more power and use all your leg muscles more sufficiently. Also, the stiffer soles not only assist with power transfer when you pedal, but they also provide better balance and comfort when you stand out of the saddle.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your cycling shoes, although they do come in a relatively wide range of prices. Either way, they should last a long time. You can choose the latest model with all the bells and whistles, or you can go for something cheaper and less expensive – the important thing is that they fit well. Most cycling shoes will last for years and are perfectly good quality. An added benefit of cycling shoes is that if you do ride trails on your mountain bike outside of spin class, you can use your shoes for both activities, although wearing them outdoors will increase wear and tear on them somewhat.

The best workout for you is the one you'll stick with. If you enjoy spinning, cycling shoes can take your classes to the next level. You'll get a safer, better, more efficient workout, and you'll be more comfortable doing it. Sure, you can take spinning classes in regular sneakers. But with benefits like the ones listed above, it's easy to see why cycling shoes are a solid investment.


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