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Breakfast or no breakfast?

Is breakfast a must? That’s what we have been told isn’t it? Recent evidence shows that it really depends whether you should be having breakfast or not. If you are already a breakfast eater and you have always had breakfast then you probably should not skip breakfast, as you would risk eating the calories missed at breakfast in another meal. If you have never been a breakfast eater, if you add breakfast to your diet just because you have been told it’s the way to go, you are probably going to gain weight if you don’t reduce the amount of calories you eat in the following meals. Of course, people who eat a good breakfast have less chances of having smaller meals later on in the day. Specifically, a review by the American Society of nutrition shows that consuming compared with skipping breakfast appeared to improve glucose and insulin responses throughout the day. Nevertheless, habitual non-breakfast eaters should consciously make an effort to reduce their meals at lunch and dinner if they do suddenly add breakfast to their lifestyle.

If we don’t skip breakfast how do we loose weight?

First of all we need to mention that a recent studies asked two groups of volunteers to consume the same diet. Half of them were asked to have breakfast and half of them to skip breakfast. Skipping or not skipping breakfast did not result in any differences between the groups in terms of weight loss.

What would be better for you habitual breakfast eaters would be to change the composition of your breakfast to a high protein, high fibre breakfast rather than a high carbohydrate one. Findings from epidemiologic studies indicate that there are associations between breakfast consumption and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and metabolic syndrome, prompting interest in the influence of breakfast on carbohydrate metabolism and indicators of T2DM risk.

So do you mean skip carbs?

No! This does not mean that you should skip carbs! Partial replacement of rapidly available carbohydrate with other dietary components, such as whole grains and cereal fibers at breakfast may be a useful strategy for producing favorable metabolic outcomes. Fermentable fibers likely act through enhancing insulin sensitivity later in the day, and viscous fibers have an acute effect to slow the rate of carbohydrate absorption (The plum skin is an example of an insoluble fiber source, whereas soluble fiber sources are inside the pulp.) Partially substituting protein for rapidly available carbohydrate enhances satiety and diet-induced thermogenesis, and also favorably affects the blood lipids and blood pressure.

You can still have a high fibre, low sugar carbohydrate but if you are currently having 2 slices of bread you can swap one slice of bread for an egg. This way you are reducing the carbohydrate in your breakfast (but you are still having some as it is needed for energy) and you are increasing your protein content, which translates to higher satiety (feeling of being full) throughout the day. If you are having cereal, be aware of the cereals you choose as many of the high fibre ones may also be high in sugar and salt so always read the labels. You could also reduce the amount of your cereals if you are having a high amount and opt for a fruit in combination with you decreased amount of cereal. Fruit is high in fibre and as we already mentioned partial replacement of carbohydrate with fibre would be beneficial for your metabolic health.

Why not just try different approaches to your healthy eating or your weight loss regime? Don’t let me or anyone tell you how to eat! Just read reliable evidence and try to see what works for you. Nothing will work for everyone in the same way. If you do decide to try something different for a while, please do it for four weeks at least and let me know how it goes! After all life is an experiment!

Please feel free to contact me for if you find this post interesting and want more personalized advice.


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