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AcroYoga and Its Benefits

AcroYoga is a practice that combines yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. It is both athletic and aesthetic. This unique activity not only provides an intense workout but also incorporates the benefits of these three ancient disciplines.

AcroYoga resembles gymnastics regarding style and movements. One partner acts as a base and functions in a supporting role as the other partner performs asanas. Both partners gain immense benefits. It can enhance feelings of trust and help build a deeper connection between partners, as well as build stronger bodies. The person acting as the base builds strength while the other person increases his or her flexibility, and then they can switch positions. This way, AcroYoga improves the strength and flexibility of both partners.

Introduction to AcroYoga

AcroYoga first came about in San Francisco in 2003. The strength- and trust-building movements of acrobatics are combined with the essence of yoga asanas and Thai massage. AcroYoga is based on the concept of being in the moment and being in balance with your partner.

AcroYoga’s basic exercises involve three people in three different roles: the base, the flyer, and the spotter. The person acting as base positions him- or herself on the ground on his or her back. This person is the foundation, and strong limbs are necessary to provide the flyer with support. The person acting as the flyer has to be able to move into various positions. Acting as the flyer requires balance and core strength. The flyer must also be confident enough to trust the base and move into different positions above the ground. The spotter guides, helps improve the movements and ensures a safe landing.

An AcroYoga session usually starts with an opening circle in which participants begin by breathing and moving together. After this, there is typically a warm-up session that involves a sequence of poses. The partner session will follow the warm up. This session includes stretches and then inversion. Partner poses require two people who trust each other and share a strong connection. Finally, there is a Thai massage session to stimulate the energy balance.

AcroYoga includes many poses such as child pose, triangle pose, downward facing dog, and more; it is a demanding type of yoga as it also requires trust and confidence with headstands.

What AcroYoga Has to Offer

AcroYoga provides a pretty impressive list of benefits. It can shape the personality of the participant by improving physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of his or her life. Here are just a few of the specific benefits you can expect:

Core Strength

AcroYoga is challenging and requires a lot of core strength. If you lack in that area, AcroYoga will help you develop it. You’ll need a lot of core strength whether you’re a base or a flyer – to keep either yourself or your partner balanced in the air. It’s important to be able to move fluidly from one position to the next, and this movement requires (and builds) considerable core strength.

Kinesthetic Awareness

AcroYoga can help you develop a type of awareness that’s difficult to learn in other ways. When you practice this form of yoga, you’ll learn a unique awareness of your body and its position in space. You’ll have to utilize proper technique to complete the movements while keeping yourself or your partner from breaking form or falling.


As with all forms of yoga, stretching is a key component of AcroYoga, particularly for the flyer. The flyer may be doing extensions of backbends or splits poses once he or she achieves more advanced levels. However, even at the beginning stages, your partner can use gentle pressure to enhance your stretch.

Muscle Building

When you practice partner yoga, your core isn’t the only part of your body that gets extra attention. Participants find that they also build up the muscles in their arms, chest, and legs by holding another person over their heads or keeping their bodies taut in the air. The result is a body-changing workout that inevitably makes a visible difference in physique over time.


AcroYoga provides body-shaping physical challenges, but it also has a therapeutic aspect. This mental aspect is about giving and receiving loving-kindness. Instead of a base and a flyer, partners become givers and receivers. The giver then moves the receiver in different ways that give him or her a sense of groundedness and kindness.

AcroYoga, like all forms of yoga, is multidimensional and requires a commitment of dedication and time. Even if you’re new to the discipline, you’ll quickly experience the physical and mental health benefits as you develop trust and connection with your partner.


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