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The Perfect Shoes for Spinning

Spinning doesn’t require you to have much in the way of special equipment. Attend a class wearing something comfortable, and you're more or less good to go. However, there are important accessories you should invest in to get the most out of your workout: your shoes. The right shoes can have a major effect on your workout, helping you to pedal more efficiently and be able to work out for longer. Shoes designed especially for spinning provide you with safety, comfort, and efficient movement throughout each stroke of the pedal.

It pays to make sure you have the right shoes for spinning class – shoes that will add comfort instead of distractions during your workout. Your regular sneakers just don’t provide the same benefits as dedicated spinning shoes; you need shoes that ensure a perfect fit and proper ventilation through every class. But how do you pick the perfect pair? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Each person has a unique foot shape, and what works for one person might not work at all for the next. Most people find that one brand or style is a better fit for them, but some general guidelines can help you find that perfect pair. Consider the following tips for finding the right shoes for your next spinning class (and every class after that).

The Right Pedal System

Your spin bike has clips that allow you to attach your shoes and cleats to the pedals. This feature secures your foot in place while you exercise, preventing it from slipping or tipping off the pedal. There are different types of cleats; spin bikes are compatible with SPD cleats, but some are equipped with optional side trio pedals for compatibility with LOOK Delta cleats as well. "Step-in" and "clip-in" pedals are designed to enable riders to pedal as powerfully as possible. Check the bikes in your spinning class or ask your instructor for recommendations on the best type of shoe to buy. Keep in mind that the best quality spinning shoes will include a clipping system.

The Right Fit

When it comes to spinning shoes, you need a good fit – but, in this case, that may mean a little bigger than your regular shoe size. This allows wiggle room for your toes and breathability for your feet. As you pedal through your workout, the movement of your feet tends to push your toes toward the tips of your shoes. If your shoes aren't roomy enough, this can cause your toes to become uncomfortable, cramped, and sore. Choosing a shoe that's a little larger will give your toes the space they need to remain comfortable as you spin. With shoes that fit properly, you can spin much longer without discomfort becoming a distraction.

The Right Cleat

Before you buy spinning shoes, make sure you know what kind of cleats will allow you to clip your shoes into the pedals of the bike you’ll be using. Choosing the right cleat is an important part of choosing the right shoes. The cleats, shoes, and pedals all work together to give you an efficient pedaling experience. Cleats are typically sold separately from shoes, and there are different designs, so double check to be sure you’re getting some that are compatible with the bikes in your class.

Shoes for Men vs. Shoes for Women

Cycling shoes are not the same for women and men. There are certain factors to consider when you pick out spinning shoes, and the gender of the user is one of them. For example, women's cycling shoes tend to be narrower than men's as well as a higher arch. If you are a woman, you should look for these shoes that are designed for women as they will most likely fit you better. Men’s shoes tend to be wider because men’s feet are typically wider, but men with more narrow feet can always choose women’s shoes, and vice-versa.


It's easy to see how cycling shoes play such a significant role in your spinning experience. Choosing the right kind of shoes that are compatible with your spinning bike is key to having a perfect spinning workout. When you go to buy your spinning shoes, be sure to ask whether cleats are included and whether the shop will install them for you free of charge. Spinning is a fantastic cardio workout that benefits people of all ages and all fitness levels. The proper gear can make a huge difference to the quality of your workout, and shoes are an important part of that gear. The right shoes make spinning more fun, more comfortable, and more effective.


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